Artist, Writer and Lecturer

Email : francis.p.brady (at)

b. 1988, Toronto, Canada, Lives and works between London, England, and Malmö, Sweden.


'Feast of the Red Herring' Installation, Symposium, Larp – Moderna Museet, Malmö (SE)
'So it goes' Group show, Performance, Installation – TURF PROJECTS, London (UK)
'Catchup, Catsup, Ketchup' Group Show, Installation – Alta Art Space, Malmö (SE)

‘Well it’s very exasperating when you can’t get it right’ Performance – ADULT Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)
'The Final Exhibition' Group Show, Performance, Hung Flags – Pakhuset, Copenhagen (DK)
'Ex Post Facto' Group Show, Performance – DELFI, Malmö (SE)
'Universal Scenarios for Peace' Performance, Installation – Extraordinary Life Center – PLX, Malmö (SE)
'An Ancient Consensus must be reached, An Ancient Anarchy must be found.' KOLONIEN Group show (DK)
‘The Site’ Text Installation – Halcyon / Transart Triennale Berlin (DE)
'YOU ARE A GAME' Workshop Series – Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate (UK)
'DOHL' performative card game Radical world-building – Glasgow International Festival (UK)
'PHONOMADIC' Solo Exhibition, Public Lecture & Workshop – Radical Unsichtbar, Linksrechts Gallery, Hamburg (DE)
'IN RESIDENCE' LARP by Lizzie Stark, Run by Francis Patrick Brady, Sarah Jury & Una Hamilton Helle – RES, London (UK)
'DOHL' performative card game Radical world-building – HIAP (FI) / Utopian Studies Society Annual conference (UK)
'Leap Second Festival' Sound piece One Human Second – noemata leap second (NET/DK)
'GSC (Garden of Surplus Creativity)' Solo LARP performance and Card Game - SØ Gallery, Copenhagen (DK)
'The Pub . Let's play utopia to think about politics' DOHL card game – RES, London (UK)
'The Mundane Edda and the tale of 46,656' – "Living In The Future (LITF)" publication issue 3, London (UK)
'The Suprapostional networked cathedrals of our Digital Ludocene' Guest Writer Chelsea (UAL) BFA publication (UK)
'The Futurological Congress LARP''Utopographies' – Triangle Space, Chelsea (UK)
'Radiophrenia' Radio Broadcast – CCA Glasgow (UK)
'Selfed instruments for the choosing of a home' - 'Far Lands' Group Exhibition - Millenium Gallery Sheffield (UK)
'You are Hyper Sensitive 1.1' - 'Tongues' with Gwaith Swn - Oto Project space (UK)
'You are Hyper Sensitive 1.2' – Solo Show and performance - Rollaversion Gallery (UK)
2013 'You are Hyper Sensitive' Multimedia and Spoken word performance – Kinman Gallery (UK)
2012 'Group Exhibition' at UNIT 11 Benignimizers (UK)
2011'LYDEA' Sound and research installation Can Californian Save Us? - The New Gallery Peckham (UK
2010'JOTTA PRIZE' Online Exhibit Video piece (NET)
2009'THERE' – Group exhibition at BCN Gallery, Barcelona (ES, CAT)


Defences Against Ludomania in the Arts / Lecture @ Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

Ingen Ø er en Ø (no island is an island) / Online Performance, workshop @ Documenta (DE)

Feast of the Red Herring / Secret Workshop @ Basic Mountain, Edinburgh (UK)

2016Playful Estrangement & Socially (Dis)Engaged Art / Workshop @ Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

2015Ludic Techniques for Radical Worldbuilding / Workshop @ Bristol UWE & Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

The Digital Ludocene and Radical Worldbuilding Workshop / Annual International European Utopian Studies Society Conference, Newcastle (UK)

The Antagonistic Storyteller – Game of Nomic /RUNES (Radical Universal Narrative Excavation System) @Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

The Digital Aesthete / Lecture 2ndYear @ Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

The Modern Storyteller : The languages of computer mythologies and the algorithms of technological animism / Workshop @ Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

Virtual Art Artefact in the “New Age” : Palace of Pixels / Workshop @ Bristol UWE & Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

Francis Patrick Brady / Artist Talk @ Royal College of Art 'Ideas Marathon'
Statistical Storytelling / Paper Presentation @ Utopography Conference, Baltic, Newcastle (UK)

2012Pixelocracy / Workshop @ Chelsea College of Arts (UK) 

Digital Conservation and the Virtual Art Artefact / Talk @ conference staged in Chelsea (UK)