“This room guaranteed BOMB-FREE from the management.”
Stanislaw Lem – The Futurological Congress

The series entitled 'benignimizers' is a term borrowed from 'The Futurological Congress' by polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem which reveals a future culture that is occupied by an eclectic abundance of fanatical political, spiritual and pharmacological addicts. Social heirarchy and communal transgression is anarchacily ordered through the mass dosages of mind altering pyschotropic drugs which serve a variety of purposes to passify or provide violent or depressive moods as a form of acceptable abasement. 'benignimizers' deals with the forms and structures of radical utopian ideaologies and their reliance or relation to the temporary illusory freedoms permitted by chemicals, question a possible combination of the satistical and benevolent governance structure with leftist notions of social and psychological morality.