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2019 - ongoing
FRAND is a toy company and collaborative business project created by Francis Patrick Brady and Andrea Francke. 

Games currently stocked at :
Skitse Art Butique in Copenhagen
Or by request

DOHL is the first product circulated through FR&ND, which is a radical worldbuilding cardgame created by Francis Patrick Brady

DOHLcare is the second product circulated through FR&ND, which is a expanse pack of DOHL created by Andrea Francke & Francis Patrick Brady

Is a radical worldbuilding card game that was developed by Francis Patrick Bradyin 2014 and has been mass produced so that it can be purchased and played at home, school or in a bar! It is an easy roleplaying tool that gives you a new job and profession in a fictional future society. It is a discussion based game that can be played in many different ways and is mass-produced through the toy company Frand Toys who are a toy company that are Andrea Francke and Francis Patrick Brady.

London soft Launch at Kit Records Shop at Goldsmiths