Finding the Real Thing - Installation & Virtual Reality Artwork
2023 - Installation and VR artwork at Celsius Projects Malmö   

You are wandering through the empty rooms of the white cube and black box searching for anything real. Is it possible to turn a room into nothingness? Or to create a room out of nothing?

Finding the Real Thing was a site specific installation of paintings, a guided tour and a virtual reality work by Francis Patrick Brady. It reflects on the reality of the white cube gallery space as well as the specific site of Celsius Projects in the industrial area of Malmö.

Using Virtual Reality the audience are taken on a journey through non-existent digital rooms and are invited to play with things and no things. They continue out into the gallery of Celsius Projects to explore the real industrial area that surrounds the gallery. Combining a history of nothing with the true story of the Swedish mechanical calculator company FACIT who built the industrial room that is now our white cube gallery in Norra Sorgenfri, Malmö. They were once one of the largest computation companies in the world. Are these virtual and physical rooms full or empty, zero or one, black or white? Is there a magic solution to these questions?

‘Finding the Real Thing’ is a true story about nothing…