or the impossible meeting of the four points on the compass

Curated by SØ presented at ALT-CPH 2018


‘Golden Bastard’ is a participatory meditation game for four players inviting them to alchemically create gold together. Based upon the four Jungian personality types that he also equated to the four points of the compass and the four elements, the players are led into a meditative soundscape that invites them to consider the possibility of being able to create gold together. Some believed the hermetic art was an impossible search to create gold from nothing but others consider this to be a spiritual or pyschological search for balance. 

You are a golden bastard

You can make GOLD because you are a bastardization of all things

You can do impossible things because you are distilling everything you know

You can collapse walls between different elements to make gold possible

Here are the four different versions of golden bastard to make gold at home :