or... How to steer your mouth like a calculator or a nomadic tribe

Radical Unsichtbar, Raum Linksrechts Gallery (2016)


A Workshop, Public Lecture and Exhibition ran by Francis Patrick Brady held at Raum Linksrechts gallery in Gängviertel, Hamburg, an invitation by curator Louise Vind Nielsen as part of her Radical Unsichtbar series.

The workshop provided an open-source and reprogrammable set of “game rules” for the creation of a contemporary tribe that was redesigned and remodelled by it's participants to find a language for the future. Ready-made prompt cards dice and props that contain symbols, images and phrases were used to generate an ancient futurism that used the templates of the past in a browsealogical present to forge an archaeological excavation of the future

Language is played and steered , whether through small spontaneous muscular movements of the mouth or the later translation of the vibrating air particles of speech into marks in stone, sand and paper; its users are the citizens of a self-governing slang. Language needs a medium, a habitat, which today is de-situated across many platforms and channels, the publics for oral and literary languages have grown beyond a protected intelligentsia (sacred scribes, printing press, novelists, radio, television, cinema) into a casual and plural composite of all media at once (the computer). Our contemporary tribal user reads and speaks their stories through a network of algorithmic arteries (Twitter, Tinder, Flickr, Scribd, Reddit etc.) which are folded through programming languages and an array of digital sensors (microphones, cameras, vibrators, infra-red, speakers) that sing to us from our pockets and in our homes; we speak with many voices, hear with many ears, see with many eyes, from local to global, microscopic to cosmological and the individual to the multitude.