The Game of Display ( “Olek” )

2017, ‘Catchup, Kat Sup, Ketchup’, Group Show, Alta Art Space, Malmö (SE)

Materials :
Fake grass, octagonal wooden boards, cotton viscose fabric, copper string, lacing bobbins, scottish marine miniature,
various game pieces, nail varnish, 3D printed blank die

‘The Game of Display ( “Olek” )’ is an series of sculptural game tables and play-pieces that are remnants and figments of unplayed games. A Display can be a show of capability, a demonstration of skill or a colourful feigning of impressiveness. A Display in a shop window can be seen as informative or deception, artwork that is on display is active and ready to be viewed but not to be touched or played with.

The Game of Display can only be understood through play and co-operation; meaning is created through playing and working together. It is the communal process of writing and rewriting a local history of objects where interaction becomes lively rather than sedate; people can bastardize and reinterpret the assumed version of these objects and the language used to talk about them. “Olek” itself is a clumsy made-up word that is the Swedish rough equivalent to the English word Display; ‘O’ (dis, anti, non...) & Lek (play).