The Ignorant Gamesmaster
2021 - Residency and performance recipe at Friisland & Copenhagen Contemporary hosted by LiveArt Denmark

I will be the game and  you will be the rules and together we can figure this out

A performative game played together where the artist wears an outfit where people can write on their back. Using various cards and other objects people will write down a series of rules that the artist is unaware of in order to create a game that they are helping to run but without the artist knowing what is going on.The artist is unaware and ignorant to what game is being played and joins the audience participating in their confusion. Through collecting a series of rules written upon the clothes of the ignorant gamesmaster, on cards and objects in the space we can find a way of helping each other be less ignorant and play the game together as ignorant equals. 

“But now the gamesmaster opens his mouth to explain the game. He makes a series of reasonings in order to explain the series of reasonings that constitute the
game. But why should the game need such help?”

                - Bastardised Quote from ‘The Ignorant Schoolmaster’ by Jacques Ranciere