The Site

A game of Nomic for the Artists at Malmö Art Acedemy 

2016 KHM, Malmö (SE)

Leftover cards from the game of Nomic that took place

A discussion based workshop where the participants play a version of the political game NOMIC by Peter Suger which is a game where the participants decide the rules of the game whilst in mid play. The aim of the game is to make the rules of the game. It started as a conversation that was attempting to communally remember a Site.

Based upon the speculative narrative structures of Herman Kahn's Scenario building or pencil and paper role-playing systems (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), the interactivity and phonomenolgical aspects of LARP (Live Action Role Play), John Conway's 'The Game of Life' and the self-regulatory procedures of the art world. The Site: Nomic is a method for a group to create a free-form play-circle and experience an exchange of dialog in a temporary autonomous zone outside of their regular life-practices.

Participants were asked to bring ideas of a Site or place in time of space that they remember unclearly or felt like they had forgotten, perhaps bringing an object, artefact, or fragment of something that reminds them of this Site.

Photographs of The Site: Nomic being played in Malmö Art Academy