Universal Scenarios for Peace

Let us talk quietly in the world whilst other things in the world are happening


Installation, Performance, Publication

A re-imagining and a re-playing of the Universal Scenarios for Peace took place in Croydon in London as a semi-scripted performance with 3D printed play-tables, dice, flags, music, all centered around a participatory game of questions.

USP was part of the group show ‘Last words: So it goes’ at TURF projects curated by Jack Friswell and the main performance took place on the day after the UK General Election in 2017. Asking questions about peace is such a volatile and passive thing to do, everyone can agree and disagree or perhaps even just agree to disagree.
The booklet was produced in limited edition especially for the exhibition and acts as a pocket performance that allows you to be able to playtest peace anywhere.

The booklet provides a series of 20 Questions that are seeds for thinking about the future, any future.

These questions are an invitation to play a game with imagination and carve out new scenarios of thought. The questions are sometimes direct, often riddle-esque, perhaps rhetorical or even lead to pure fantasy.