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Winner of 2010 Jotta Prize

The work stems from the notion of  transcendence  or ecstasy inherent to musical cultures particularly the development of grindcore and death metal in the late 80's. This region of history becomes significant as these genres were the progeny of a marginalised community established through tape trading networks before public access to the internet. Can communal transcendence occur between these distances?

Escape and salvation are present within musical and internet phenomena, small communities are brought together and 'the outsider' becomes included in society but in what way? Not active participation in mainstream society but segregation, a place of practice that is everywhere and nowhere.

The works sloganeering borrows from the garish aesthetics of early 90's internet pages, transposing titles of early grindcore tracks with the textures from the 1993 computer game DOOM as kaleidoscope gif. Images. The words ask for the listener to transcend or become free but its an explicitly complicated request, what kind of transcendence is possible over the internet?